• We have two varieties of the ancient grain emmer. The one we are currently milling is a long season, tall statured type originally sourced from the Basque Country in Spain.  The other variety, from Italy, is also big on flavour but shorter in season, stature and, unfortunately, supply. It will be available from 2021. The flour is supplied 100% wholegrain, largely at 170micron fineness.


    Emmer – Triticum turgidum dicoccum – is an ancient grain far older than spelt and the progenitor of wheat, with wheat a fortuitous natural cross between emmer and a wild goat grass. High flavour, nutrition and ease of digestion are hallmarks of emmer, sometimes also known as farro. It is native to the Fertile Crescent and, as one of the first domesticated crops, intrinsic to the development of human civilisation.


    We have limited emmer flour available until next season.  If you can’t wait until then, please give us a call. For the online shop, our emmer is currently ‘sold out’.

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