• The kids’ have got your farm-fresh egg supply covered – pop by for a dozen plus-size brown eggs from French Maron Black and Tans, regular white eggs from Buff Orpingtons and the very occasional double-yolker from Gold Wyandotte matriarch, Madonna. Pick up from the house or letterbox by arrangement. Our chook eggs are resplendent with bright golden yolks, high-sitting whites and a taste that will have you back for an extra omelette. (Taste tip: use cream as well as butter). The chooks have a large pen but are let out to roam each day anyway, where they fly up for mulberries, scratch for insects in the wood shed and dust bathe in the dirt.

    We have one too many roosters at the moment and have not had much luck with coq vin, so if you need a highly active adolescent cockerel for your pen, drop us a line – 0419 307 934.

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