November 3, 2017

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November 3, 2017




There will be some pre-lab pork sausage making led by Joseph Rubbo.
(Sausages and bread - what a combo.) You are welcome to come for this too.




We'll start with some light lunch followed by a loose program of kneading,
baking and more eating.


First up is Elizabeth Barnett. Elizabeth will be showing us how to make moorish
yoghurt-based flat breads, now considered the new hero in the bread--dip relationship.
There will also be a selection of dips.


Then we are onto loaves of all descripts. Bring your skills and tips.


After that the program will establish itself, i guess, unless you have a particular order in mind for you and your show-and-tell. let me know. 


Mitra Anderson-Oliver will be showing off her mad hot cross bun skills.


Olie Ford will be melding his cicciolina reportoire with his heritage grain brain.


Jack Fowler will be bring tips from his time at Tartine and building wood-fired ovens with Olie.


Emma Hicks will be demonstrating how to make cultured butter making and the best honey and bran flakes for breakfast


I'll show you some wheats grown here and elsewhere and, will be looking for advice on how best to test each flour in the oven.


Everyone else can show and tell and ask a bunch of questions too.


Regarding accompaniments, bring something along that complements the bread/pastry item you would like to show us. Though if, that's butter, we will already  have a selection, homemade and otherwise.


Dinner will be served. Bring some drinks and whatever else you'd like to go with your meal.




Breakfast. more of the same, but different from Saturday.


Other things to note


Emma is quite the hotelier these days -- the bungalow has been booked by strangers from Thursday through Sunday. Give the bungalow a wide berth i case they are in and wanting privacy.


Park cars along the track that  goes up to the shed between the oaks and gas bottles. so rather than got right towards the house at the fork, go left at the fork. then walk through the crepe myrtles to the back or front of the house.



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